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promised houdidesu a while ago i would draw kuroko with guns so here!!!


promised houdidesu a while ago i would draw kuroko with guns so here!!!

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Track: Future Fish [Music box version]
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Nagisa and Rin’s Day Off


~not a polished translation because not a real translator~

Part 1: After watching a movie

Nagisa: Ah~ That was so fun! I’ve always wanted to watch it. “Searching for Wan (woof? the sound a dog makes?)” Haru-chan and Mako-chan already saw it and Rei-chan said-
(voice over) Rei: Something like that I don’t understand, I won’t watch it!
Nagisa: -and all my classmates have club activities and part-time jobs. I’m so glad Rin-chan could come!
Rin: Man, why did I have to watch this nonsense movie with you?
Nagisa: Hey! Wasn’t it a good movie?! …Ah! Furthermore, I saw it, ne? When I looked during the movie, Rin-chan was crying!
Rin: I wasn’t!
Nagisa: You don’t have to hide it! Even before, Rin-chan has always been a crybaby, right?
Rin: Shut up! Being called “crybaby”, I don’t want to be called like that by you of all people! Anyway, (something about Rin’s face orz)
*Rin wrestles Nagisa and what the hell do you call that when you press your knuckle on someone’s head*
Nagisa: Ouch! Ouch! My head’s gonna- I give up! I give up! Rin-chan~ So cruel! Even though we’ve come out to play after a long time!
Rin: If you say useless things like that, it’s bad.
*Nagisa’s stomach grumbles*
Nagisa: Ah, I’m hungry. Rin-chan, let’s eat!
Rin: Eh… You… In the movie house, didn’t you eat a mountain of popcorn and some hot dogs?
Nagisa: Well, that was just for the movie, wasn’t it?
Rin: What kind of stomach do you have?
Nagisa: Let’s just say I’m a growing boy?
Rin: What growing are you talking about? …*sigh* Fine. Oi Nagisa, wanna go to a Family Restaurant?
Nagisa: Yay! Food! Food!

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Track: Pillow Talk
Artist: Rin & Haru
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Pillow talk: Rin x Haru

R:    Hey, Haru?
R:    I told you I’ve always admired you, right?
R:    You might not remembered it, but I still remember, the day I first met you.
R:    To be honest, it had never occurred to me that I could lose to someone. But any frustration I felt vanished when I thought, “There’s someone more amazing than me. I want to be able to swim like him.”
R:    That’s why it’s hard for me when you’re not always there ahead of me, showing me what path I should take. Without you, I have nothing to aim for, you know?
H:    I remember it, too. That tournament…
R:    Do you remember the freestyle race we swam during that tournament this spring? When we tied and set a new tournament record together?
H:    Yeah.
R:    I was testing you then. I wanted to see if that was really the farthest you could go. And when I sensed you coming up from behind me, I knew for sure. That you were definitely going to enter the same world as me.
R:    Hey Haru, during that race, did you feel something, too?

The acting & the music in this scene is so freaking gorgeous. It just blew me away.

I didn’t think it’d be possible, but listening to it like this… just the audio… its impact is even stronger. There’s no distractions, it’s just Rin’s beautifully open voice and the perfect OST. UGH.

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Track: 10.真琴と凛と黒猫と
Artist: 七瀬 遙(CV.島﨑信長), 橘 真琴(CV.鈴木達央), 松岡 凛(CV.宮野真守), 葉月 渚(CV.代永 翼), 竜ヶ崎 怜(CV.平川大輔),
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Makoto and Rin with a Black Cat

Rin: Yo, Makoto. I’ve been waiting.
Makoto: Rin! I was so surprised when you called me and said, “come to Samezuka right now!” Did something happen?
Rin: Makoto. There’s something I want to ask you.
Makoto: What is it?
Rin: A while back, Nagisa told me this, but…
Makoto: Mm.
Rin: Is it true… That you’re used to handling cats?
Makoto: Mm. Eh? Ummmm. Cats?
Rin: Cats.
Makoto: Haha! Geez, you sounded so scary when you called I thought something had happened and rushed over here.
Rin: This is a huge problem! Look at this arm!
Makoto: Whoa, so many scratches… Rin, did a cat do this to you…?
Rin: Yeah. Thanks to this, every time I get into the pool or take a bath it stings like hell.
Makoto: What kind of cat was it that got you? A big one?
Rin: It’s a small cat, but it has pretty sharp claws. Every time I try to look after it, it always attacks me. It’s the first one that ever got me this bad…
Makoto: How ferocious is this cat, anyway?! Actually, if you got scratched that badly then just don’t get near it anymore!
Rin: Idiot! If I back out now it’ll be like I lost! I refuse to be put down by a cat! I’ll win it over if it’s the last thing I do!
Rin: So, Makoto! You’re coming too!
Makoto: Wahh, why?! Wait, stop pulling me! I can’t do anything either, if it’s that ferocious! I don’t want to get scratched!
Rin: Shut up, stop complaining.
Makoto: Nooo! Go by yourself, Rin!
Rin: Let’s go!

Makoto: Rin… Is this the courtyard or something? Isn’t it bad for an outsider like me to be here…?
Rin: It’s fine. The only people who come through here are the guys on the swim team. I’ll play it off when it comes down to that.
Makoto: Play it off…? So this really is bad, isn’t it!
Rin: Oh, be quiet. Just come with me. Over here.
Makoto: Ah, wait a second! It’s dark, so slow down a little…
Rin: Hey, Makoto. Over there!
Makoto: Huh? Where?
Rin: Mm. Look! That black cat over there!
Makoto: Eh? Ah! That one? Ah! It’s coming!
Cat: Meowww.
Makoto: Ah, it’s coming towards me! I don’t want to get scratched! Rin! You go in front!
Rin: Hey, don’t push!
Makoto: But it’s going to attack, isn’t it?!
Rin: Okay c’mon, you get in front!
Makoto: Seriously, don’t push!
Cat: Meow!
Makoto: Eh?
Rin: Eh?
Cat: Mrrow!
Makoto: Huh? It’s… not scratching. Haha, it’s rubbing against my leg. Oh, and it’s letting me pet it, too. Haha, it’s so cute. Like you said, it’s still a kitten.
Rin: H-Hey, Makoto…
Cat: Meow!
Makoto: Haha! Hey, that tickles! Haha, stop messing around! Haha!
Rin: ! Makoto! Switch with me!
Makoto: Hm? Sure?
Rin: Hmph. Here. I’ll pet you so come over here.
Cat: Hisssss! *scratch*
Rin: Gah! Ow!! This thing…!!
Makoto: Ah, Rin! Are you okay?!
Rin: Damn it, why am I the only one getting scratched?!
Makoto: Rin, don’t frown like that! Try maybe… you know, coming at it with a smile so that it doesn’t get scared of you. Right? Hehe.
Rin: O-Okay… Smile! …Like hell I could do that! I’m not you!! I can’t just smile like an idiot!
Makoto: That’s so mean! Geez! You used to laugh a lot before, too!
Rin: Don’t bring up the past!
Makoto: Try to remember those days! Come on, try bringing out a gentle smile! Alright? Rin. Riin? Riiiin? Rin!
Rin: GAH, I just have to do it right? Just do it…
Makoto: You can do it!
Rin: A-Ahem. …Y- You- You don’t have to be scared. C’mon, come over here.
Cat: Hissss! *scratch*
Rin: OWW! HEY, MAKOTO! It scratched me anyway!!
Makoto: Eh?! Why is that my fault?!
Cat: Meow!
Makoto: Ah. Haha, it’s rubbing up against me again. There, there, if you insist.
Rin: Makoto… you’re not hiding silver vine or something, are you?
  T/N: Silver vine is similar to catnip, but is more popular in Asia.
Makoto: Of course not!
Rin: Tch… I didn’t want to resort to this, but now I have no choice…! How about this?! There’s no cat that isn’t lured by food!
Makoto: Canned cat food?! Rin, you had that with you?!
Rin: Haha, I thought this would happen so I knew it’d be a good choice to prepare it beforehand!
Makoto: Exquisite taste to cats, chock full of tuna 100% bonito flavor! This might just do the trick!
Rin: Here, eat! Hey, don’t look away! There’s food, right here! What, you’re not gonna eat?!
Makoto: Hmm, it’s probably still wary…
Rin: So it’s still no good, huh…? Tsk. Hey Makoto, don’t you have any other ideas?
Makoto: Eh? Hmm… Oh, a cat toy!
Rin: Well that’s run of the mill.
Makoto: Oh, be quiet! Just take some grass from over there, and wave it back and forth… Hehe. Come on, over here! Here! Here!
Rin: Oh…!
Makoto: And, left this time! See? It’ll get excited and jump at it. I actually get really into it too, while doing this.
Rin: It’s really jumping at it!
Makoto: Do you want to try? Here, cat toy.
Rin: …S-Should I just swing it around like you were before?
Makoto: Yep. You might want to do it a little slower.
Rin: …Alright. Hey, look here. Here. …Oh. How’s this? Over here!
Makoto: Haha! That’s amazing, Rin! You’re playing with it!
Rin: Haha! Geez, that took long enough! I feel so much better now! C’mon, over here. Haha! It’s really cute when it gets attached to you. I’d like to introduce the two of them some time.
Makoto: Eh? Who?
Rin: Huh? Oh… I picked up a stray, before. I’m talking about the cat I picked up. I’m looking after it in an old school building that isn’t being used anymore.
Makoto: Oh? Haha. So in the end, you really are a nice person.
Rin: Ah! No, that was… it was raining, and it was wandering around like it didn’t have any place to go… so I didn’t have a choice!
Makoto: Hehe!
Rin: It’s not like I could just leave it alone after finding it! That’s all!
Makoto: Haha! Hey, Rin. Introduce me next time, too. I’d like to see what kind of cat you picked up.
Rin: …F-Fine. Next time. I’ll introduce you as thanks for today.
Makoto: Mm. Thanks. I’m looking forward to it.
Rin: Yeah.

…Jumping on the drama CD bandwagon. Rin and Makoto are so frigging cute it’s ridiculous I don’t even ship them but ahhhhhhh. Cats. Mamo. Tattsun ;_; This whole CD is amazing.

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"Good morning SENPAI!!!"


"Good morning SENPAI!!!"

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Track: あの夏のロングスローディスタンス (Cut ver.)
Album: Free! Eternal Summer Bonus CD Vol.1
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Translate :

Haru : This is..
Makoto : What’s wrong Haru? you found something good?
Haru : Yes. there is pool interest part time job
Nagisa : it’s really fit you well Haru-chan!
Makoto : you can’t do it Haru!
Haru : why not Makoto?
Makoto : There is big pool in front of your eyes and peoples swimming happily, but you can’t swimming there! Haru, can you control yourself?
Haru : eh!? i can..
Makoto : answer it by looking at my eyes!
Haru : (looking at makoto’s eyes) i..i can’t..
Rei : as expected Makoto senpai, He can recognize Haruka senpai’s action earlier!

I’m sorry if there is mistake in my translation m_._m

But really.. i love the way makoto says 「俺を目を見て答えて!」 or “answer it by looking at my eyes” asdfghjkjhgfds o<-<

audio source

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kiss kick fall in love ♥


kiss kick fall in love ♥

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& here’s what you missed on Free!

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Track: Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh?!
Artist: Nagisa
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Why haven’t I seen this posted yet?

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[Source: Free!ES episode 9 Talk]

Please support the artist by rating and bookmarking the original work on pixiv. Translated and reposted with permission. Please DO NOT repost without permission of the artist, Maruyon (まるよん).

Note: The artist paid great attention to the nuances in the text by switching between kanji and hiragana. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to convey in English, but I hope the feelings were still conveyed. 

This is such a touching little manga. I think we all feel this is how the night turned out to be. Haru and Makoto should treasure every moment they can still spend together like this. 

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